Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Funday

Well kids it's sunday...which means RECIPEEEEEE! And a little bit of other stuff.

My husband and I recently decided to take the financial jump and join a gym.  First it was just going to be for me because he already has access to very nice workout facilities (well we both do but I am NOT comfortable with it...hint: military).  As we took the tour of the local cheapy gym full of old folks and the occasional meat head he decided he wanted to be able to come with me and encourage me.  We fell in love with this gym.  It is not a big chain gym, has no fancy swimming pool, basketball courts, or any other frilly stuff that costs $80/month reguardless of whether or not you use it.  This place is self conscious girl heaven.  At home the gym I went to had 3 treadmills, 3 ellypticals, and you were lucky to have one working when you came in so this little neighborhood "average joe" gym is so perfect for me.

Today the hubs and I worked out together for the first time since a rather horrifying incident at the workout facilities we can go to for free.  So I guess this makes this the 2nd time I've ever worked out in front of him (literally haha).  Growing up on a farm, being active in field events in track in high school as well as multiple other attempts at athletics, and constantly trying to keep up with my older male cousins my whole life obviously wasn't a big sign saying "hey this girl is capable of some pretty amazing s**t in the physical department) for him.  As I calmly wiped down my machine after 30 minutes of hill climbing ellyptical on level 5 I caught my husband staring at my with his mouth open and eyes wide from the weight room.  Didn't think anything of it really because he's always kinda looked at me in awe when I do anything really.  So I joined him and asked him to help me work on arms.  He set a weight for me for lat pulls.  I asked him to add some....then add some more....then add some more.  Finally I get to a good weight where I can actually feel a burn at all and when I'm done he's just looking at me like I'm the new game hes been waiting 5 years for (for example Skyrim...he will never live down buying that for himself when I had already preordered it for his birthday!).  "What?"  "Nicci I've never seen any girl work out like this."  "Um...what?"  "You just worked harder on the ellyptical than I have in most football practices and you just lat pulled 70 pounds like a boss."  Like I said he missed the memo that I'm a pretty tough gal...or maybe it just purposely didn't get sent to him ;)  But that made me feel pretty awesome.

Anyway, todays recipe is a smoothly recipe.  I am on the herbalife diet/lifestyle and I absolutely love it.  I feel so beyond great.  This smoothy has herbalife Formula 1 shake mix in it but it's not necessary for the shoothy itself and it will taste amazing with or without it.  This recipe makes 2 shakes as I make it for myself AND my husband post workout.  You could easily substitute any protein powder for the herbalife shake mix but I'm pretty biased :)

1 cup ice
1 cup baby spinach
1 banana
1 peach
4 scoops Pina Colada flavored Formula 1
1-1 1/2 cup pineapple juice

Blend it all up and enjoy.

Tonight I'm trying a random stew inspired crock pot meal with lots of odds and ends.  I'll be sure to let y'all know how it turns out.  Til then have a fantastic week!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Simple as that

Thursday!  That last looooong day before Friday and the weekend.  For me Thursday is my least favorite day to cook...not sure exactly why but it seems a chore on Thursdays.  So simple cooking it is!  Again I apologize that I do not have a picture...still haven't figured out why blogger isn't allowing me to attach pictures.

Honey Soy Salmon

The Salmon is really simple.  I use the frozen salmon fillets you can find in most grocery stores mostly because I'm cheap.  Broil salmon for 5 minutes.  While that is going mix together soy sauce and honey to taste.  Brush the sauce on the salmon and broil another 2-5 minutes.  I was shocked at how amazing honey and soy tasted together but then again I had never considered the combination.

Fried Rice

Steamed rice (I use brown Minute Rice)
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
2 T sesame oil
1/2 cup chopped onion
frozen peas and carrots if desired
2 eggs
1/4 cup soy sauce

Heat sesame oil in frying pan and add onion and garlic.  This would also be a good time to add the veggies.  Once that becomes fragrant (you know...that yummy garlic smell) add the well beaten eggs and cook it like you would scrambled eggs.  Add rice and soy sauce and serve.  I love this recipe.  I never thought fried rice could be so easy.  I've been on an asian food kick lately....more to come soon :) Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Recipe Dump Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone!  As promised I have a couple recipes to share.  As always alter them as you wish to your taste.  We can all be chefs we just need to learn to be adventurous in the kitchen.  I also apologize for no photos =( for some reason blogger is not allowing me to insert images.

First meal:  Meatloaf, caulitaters, and green beans

1 lb ground beef, chicken, or turkey (whichever you would like)
1/2 cup chopped onions
1/4 cup chopped bell pepper
3 cloves minced garlic (ok I love garlic so I use a lot of it...add or use less if desired)
1/2 cup oatmeal
1 egg
1/2 cup ketchup or bbq sauce
bacon (optional)

Again play with quantities.  Ok so after all your veggies are all chopped up and ready to go mix everything (but bacon) together.  I prefer to use my hands and just get all sorts of messy and gooey because I guess I'm a weirdo like that.  After everythings mixed pretty evenly make a "loaf" and place in bread pan or whatever pan you prefer to use for your meatloaf.  Make a crazy cool design with ketchup or bbq sauce on top and place bacon on top.  Bake at 350 F for 1 hour.

You can make this recipe as healthy or fatty as you want.  I typically use more veggies and just kinda throw them in to hide them from my husband (muahahahahahaha).  Meatloaf is my absolute favorite meal.  My mouth is watering as I write this so moving on....

1 bag frozen cauliflower florets
1/2 cup cottage cheese
parmesan cheese

Prepare cauliflower florets according to package directions.  I try to find the steamable bags and if I don't have that I buy a normal frozen bag and boil them.  Blend well with cottage cheese and pepper to taste.  Spread in a pan, cover with parmesan cheese, and back at 350 for 20-30 minutes or until the cheese is nice and melty.

My husband loves this!  Mashed potatoes are definitely a win every time with him but they aren't very bueno for my wishes to eat healthier (especially the way I was taught to make them...sheesh talk about calories...ha).  This is a fantastic substitute.  I'll admit it's not the same as some good old fashioned mashed taters but it's absolutely delicious.

If you don't know how to prepare plain old green beans...well I think I'll save that how to for another day.  We use the steamable bags of green beans and add a little pepper.  You'll notice I dont use much salt.  I try to avoid salt at all costs.  This does not mean that you have to as well.  You're only going to like a recipe if it matches your taste preferences.  Make it happen.  And with that I say TTFN and happy eating <3

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back Again...and Ready to go

Hello Hello!

Well as I'm sure everyone is aware that I haven't been around for a couple weeks.  There was a tragic death in my family that greatly affected my husband and I.  After spending a couple weeks making sure everything went smoothly for the rest of my family we somehow managed to come home with (until further notice) my aunt's African Grey parrot Morrocco.  My husband and I love having him (he's way too funny) but I'm sure our neighbors will tire of him soon.  Gordo still isn't sure what to make of him...

This being said I fell off the wagon.  I gained back 4 pounds :( .  But that's ok I'm back on track and off to a good start.  I have several pictures of our food from the week before I left town as well which I will post slowly over the week along with recipes.  We are also trying new recipes the next few weeks.

Most of my recipes I get from Pinterest.  I am the most addicted to Pinterest...but I have taken to actually completing and trying the things I pin.  Follow me at .  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.