Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just checkin in!

Hey everyone!  Just checkin in to let y'all know I'm still here.  Trying to adjust to our new crazy schedule.  Why is it that whenever I try to "simplify" things just get all kinds of crazy?!  Must be because I'm the worst organizer ever ha.  Anyway I just took my measurements and I've lost 10 pounds and 3 inches off my body in a little over 2 weeks!  We have been going to the gym 4 nights a week and I just started yoga 3 times a week plus walking with some girls I just met a couple times a week.  If y'all have any questions about what I'm doing with herbalife or if you're looking for more info please feel free to email me:

No big food discoveries last week as we weren't feeling too adventurous with our new schedule.  BUT I found something I like.  Hubby wasn't very um...enthusiastic about it though.  Grilled cabbage (or in our case baked)

Cut a head of cabbage in quarters make a marinade of whatever sounds good to you (I used soy sauce and honey because that's my latest addiction and sprinkled bacon bits on it in hopes that it would make it more man approved) and drizzle that over the cabbage quarters.  Wrap in tin foil and bake for 20+ minutes at 350.  I say 20+ because the texture is all relative.  The longer you cook it the more tender it will be. Like I said, not super fantastic but I liked it as a simple side.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

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